1. Function and application field
Automation complex SEM-3 for carrying out the acceptance tests of electric drives «EPC-100/400/1000/4000/10000» (short title "Stand SEM-3" ) is intended for carrying out tests of electric drives of stop valves manufactured by JSC TomZEL in particular for controlling the torque limitations of the electric drives, accuracy of stopping down and correctness of operation of remote control and signaling systems of the control blocks. Stand SEM-3 is able to test EPC electric drives with maximum torque 100 N·m to 10000 N·m in automated mode, with making reports about values of controlled parameters. Stand SEM-3 is intended for carrying out acceptance and standard tests of electric drives EPC and their analogues.
2.Delivery set
1) control cabinet  of stand SEM-3 with cable kit -1 set;
2) control station (personal computer) -1 it.;
3) loading stand of type 1 for electric drives with torque upto 1000 N·m -1 set;
4) loading stand of type 2 for electric drives with torque upto 10000 N·m - 1 set;
5) documentation:
a. «Maintenance manual» -1 it.;
b. «Procedure and methods of certification» -1 it.;
c. «Technical certificate of production article» -1 it.
3. Technical parameters and characteristics:
Rated supply voltage of SEM-3: 342…418 V, 50 Hz, 3-phase.
Stand SEM-3 provides shaping of the following parameters:
- torque value on output shaft of the electric drive in range 20 to 10000 N·m;
- value of the supply voltage of the electric drive in range up to + 47 % of the rated voltage value of the three-phase power supply;
- remote control signals for electronic units of type BUR-T and BUR-M.
Stand SEM-3 provides monitoring of the following parameters:
- remote signaling outputs for electronic units of type BUR-T and BUR-M.
Operation mode of stand SEM-3 is controlled by means of personal computer.

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