Features and advantages


The device is operating in USB Full Speed mode (up to 12 Mbit/s), it can be implemented in field of power electronics, since the device is operating stabily with emission of interference, which is caused by commutation of power switches. 

A USB-cable with ferrite filter is recommended to be used provided there is a high level interference emission.

The following lines of TI microcontrollers are supported:

С2000 (Piccolo, Delfino, ARM Cortex-M3, F28M3*, C28**)

С5000 (С55**)

С6000 (С64**, C67**)

Davinci Video Processors

ARM Cortex-A8 Sitara

The emulator is connected to the microcontroller board by means of  flat cable with 2x7 Pin connector. Pitch of the connector: 2.54mm. Length of the flat cable 65mm.


Delivery set:

Emulator EmuOK;

Cable USB - miniUSB


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