Complete Servodrive NPFM.654663.001

Complete servo drive NPFM.654663.001 is intended to drive various servomechanisms including of on-board ones for aircrafts of general and special purpose.

The complete servo drive includes:

  1. servocontroller (control module NPFM.426471.001);
  2. synchronous servo motor with built-in absolute encoder and electromagnetic brake (power module NPFM.435151.001);
  3. associated cables (on request).

Communication of servo drive with master controller is carried out via interface RS-485 with protocol ModBUS RTU or via interface CAN.

Control module is operable under environmental climatic and mechanic factors for group 1.7.3 according to Russian State Standard ГОСТ РВ 20.39.304-98, including in temperature range minus 50 °С to plus 65 °С.

For power module the operational temperature range is minus 40 °С to plus 70 °С.

In base configuration synchronous electric motor ДСМГ-0,04-50-1-Т-Д-У3 manufactured by «Kaluga electro-mechanical plant» is used.

Main characteristics of the complete servo drive in base configuration are listed below.


Rated power supply voltage of the servo drive 27 V DC
Range of operating voltages 12…48 V DC
Admissible continuous current of the converter up to 25 A
Rated power supply voltage of electric motor, line-to-line 19 V
Rated consumption current of the motor 1,6 A
Rated speed 20 rpm
Rated torque 7,6 Nm
Holding torque of electromagnetic brake 7 Nm
Communication protocols of control module

- RS-485 Modbus RTU

- CAN 2.0

- 4 DI, 4 DO, 2 AI

Encoder resolution within single turn 14 bit
Encoder resolution for number of turns 12 bit




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