Control panel EC-LD-180-CU-1.1

Control panel (CP) belongs to the class of complete low-voltage devices in accordance with GOST R 51321.1 and is a complex device for programming and setting parameters for the door drive controller EC-LD-180, which has an interface for connecting the control panel, and is also a data storage device for various types of motors, beams and stations. View of the CP is shown in figure 1.

Figure 1 – View of the control panel

CP is used to exchange information with the controller via cable USB 2.0 A (M) - B (M) (two-way serial data exchange CP – controller), by which the CP is also powered.

CP performs the following functions:

  • receiving, displaying and editing parameters in the controller;
  • receiving and displaying various information while driving;
  • receiving and displaying information about the input and output signals of the controller and the application of the torque by the motor in a certain direction;
  • receiving and displaying information about errors in the controller;
  • tuning operation of the controller with the required lift station and motor;
  • fine tuning of the motion parameters carried out by the controller;
  • restarting of the opening measurement;
  • direct control of the controller operation for the carrying out the test activities;
  • fulfillment of a specified number of automatic operation runs with error control for test purposes;
  • copying up to 9 different parameter tables from the controller into the non-volatile memory of the CP and the possibility of subsequent data writing of the parameter tables into the same or another controller.


Overall dimensions, no more than 108 × 68 × 20 mm.

Degree of protection of CP provided by the case is IP 30 according to GOST 14254. CP remains operable when dc voltage of 4 V to 5.5 V is applied to it.

Operating temperature range: minus 10 to plus 60 ºС.

CP is resistant to the effects of sinusoidal vibration according to group L1 by GOST R 52931.

Weight of the device does not exceed 100 g.

Contents of delivery

In the package of delivery of the controller are included the following items:

  • control panel EC-LD-180-CU-1.1 NPFM.421414.002 – 1 it.;
  • operations manual NPFM.421414.002RE (on customer’s request) – 1 it.;
  • certificate NPFM.421414.002PS – 1 it.;
  • cable to connect to the controller – 1 it.;
  • unit package – 1 it.

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