About us

The company "NPF Mechatronica-Pro" specializes in developing the embedded software for control systems of electric motors and programmable logic controllers and also provides contract R & D services in the field of the motion control systems according to the customer's specification.

Our Mission:

  • To be a world leader in the Power Electronics Industry through solutions from R&D with cutting-edge programmable power products, that is, built with the highest qualities and Standards through a chain of integrated manufacturing processes.

The main fields of activity:

  • The development of service and embedded software for motor control systems based on MexBIOS™.
  • The development of electronic components and modules of the motor control, including for integrated and embedded solutions.
  • The implementation of control algorithms for the current, speed and position control loops, for distributed and coordinated control (interpolation in space and on the plane) of several electric motors.

Technologies and competence:

  • Control of the following types of motors: induction, synchronous, DC motor, brushless DC motor.
  • Development of electric drives of small and medium power to 30 kW.
  • Creation of servosystems, electric actuators for stop valves, replacement of hydraulic actuators by electric ones in special and aeronautical engineering.
  • Remote support of the customers worldwide.
  • Compatibility with microcontrollers from Texas Instruments, STMicroelectronics, Russian Research Institute of Electronic Technology, Milandr.

Interaction with the customer:

  • The company "NPF Mechatronica-Pro" provides the complete designing cycle of the control systems - from the coordination of the requirements specification up to the production of a pilot batch and production starting of the customer developed products.
  • To the customer is given the complete designing documentation, documented software, prototypes, specifications of the device and tuning procedures for software-implemented controllers, procedures of the electronic circuit boards’ adjustment, mathematical simulation models and descriptions.
  • Counseling and training of the Customer staff is carried out, after that the engineering staff can update their own products to the market demand and expand the product line.
  • Using the technology of the remote support of our customers around the world the engineers of the company can join your project at any point in order to accelerate it and to achieve the desired characteristics.

«NPF Mechatronica-Pro» LTD is a member of TI Design Network


The TI Design Network is a worldwide community of respected, well-established companies offering products and services that complement TI's semiconductor device solutions. Products and services include a broad range of reference designs, turnkey products and services, system modules, embedded software, engineering services, and development tools that help customers accelerate development efforts and reduce time-to-market




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Sauris GmbH (based in Munich, Germany) is a designer, developer and manufacturer of Hardware development tools for TI digital signal processors and microcontrollers and application specific devices.

Volkartstr. 75 80636 Munich, Deutschland