New version of MexBIOS Development Studio v4.0.1 is available!

New version of MexBIOS Development Studio v4.0.1 has been released recently, as well as libraries for microcontrollers have been updated and essentially improved.


Updates of version 4.0.1

- Operation time of  the software is not limited, until the microcontroller is powered up.

- Configuration file loading into microcontroller memory has been esentially accelerated.

- Project navigation has been essentially improved.

- SAUFlash TCLXDS plug-in has been attached. Now it is able to load the program into microcontrollers by means of MexBIOS Development Studio via SAU510-USB.

- Also TE-TMS320F28335, MChip176-F28335, TMDSDOCK28335 are supported in the version.

- Feature to create sub-systems has been added. Sub-systems allow to agregate parts of systems into separate blocks. The block execution order is formed locally in sub-system.

- Oscilloscope has been updated. And namely any block OUT added to the project can be connected to the oscilloscope channel.

- Blocks of signal transmitting in the program (TP_IN, TP_OUT) have been updated.

- Project Manager has been updated. The project tree refreshment is carried out automatically.

- Feature to create bookmarks in Project Manager has been added.

- Stability of the user interface functioning has been increased.

Attention: MexBIOS Development Studio 4.0.1. is compatible only with libraries TMS320F2833x v2.1 and TMS320F281x v2.2.