MexBIOS Development Studio V3.31

New version MexBIOS Development Studio V3.31 has been recently released, as well as the libraries for the microcontrollers of following families have been updated and considerably enhanced:

  • F28M35x V1.0
  • LM4F23x V2.0
  • LM3S89xx V2.0
  • TMS320F2833x V2.0
  • TMS320F2803x V2.0
  • TMS320F280x v2.1
  • TMS320F281x v2.1

In new version MexBIOS Development Studio V3.31 the following features are supported:

  • code generation programming technique;
  • program algorithmization;
  • StateFlow technique;
  • event assignment technique;
  • multi-kernel processor operation, e.g. the new processors Concerto manufactured by Texas Instruments;


Fig. 1. Face of MexBIOS Development Studio v 3.31. The screenshot of the control system development for a lift is shown: 1 – visualization panel, 2 – Algorithm Workspace, 3 – Root Workspace for declaring variables and events, 4 – Block Circuits Workspace, 5 – State Machine Workspace, 6 – Project Manager window, 7 – system menu.