Our Representative in North America (US, Canada and Mexico)

Starting May 2013 we have locally-based representative of NPF Mechatronica-Pro LLP for North America. He is taking care of company's business development in American, Canadian and Mexican marketplaces.


The company leads its activity on the following directions:

  • promotion of our core product MexBIOS™, an innovative environment for software development;
  • development of service and embedded software for electric motor control systems based on MexBIOS™ technology;
  • tailored solution and contracting development of electronic control boxes and panels;
  • engineering consulting in the field of motion and motor control.


Please feel free to address all your inquires and questions to:

Maxim Altantsev

Representative in North America (US, Canada, Mexico)

e:  maxim.altantsev@mechatronica-pro.com

c: +1 438 935 6593; t: +1 514 568 6903