Annual exposition-conference Motor & Drive Systems 2013

«NPF Mechatronica-Pro» Ltd is going to participate in annual exposition Motor & Drive Systems 2013 that will be held February 7-8 in Orlando, USA. Our current and future partners and developers are welcome to get acquainted with our products. All visitors will be granted with free version of software MexBIOS Development Studio.

Advantages of operation environment MexBIOS:

Rapid reduced time and cost of embedded software development for microcontrollers via using visual programming tools, support previously developed embedded software, a lot of ready-to-use functions and blocks.

  1. Special Software tool (Integrated environment) for programming of TI and STM microcontrollers by textual and visual methods, including block-diagrams, algorithm, state-flow control.
  2. Innovative technology of debug for real-time systems with possibility of code correction without stop of program execution (Possibilities to correct the algorithm of embedded devices “on the run”).
  3. Quick start of STM-microcontrollers run for non-specialist in embedded programming.
  4. Fast development of a customer’s “Systems-on-a-Chip”.
  5. Programming and real-time debug without special cost sensitive devices (like JTAG emulators, etc. ).
  6. Easy transform of visual code to the new generation of microcontrollers.
Products based on Operation environment MexBIOS:
  1. Chips with integrated system MexBIOS.
  2. Frequency converters for servodrive control.
  3. Motion control cards.
  4. Control cards for integrated applications with a chip with MBS system.
  5. Debugging kits.
  1. Graphics editor.
  2. Block builder.
  3. Embedded simulation tool of the code operation.
  4. Components of visualization and control.
  5. Library of simulation models of the control objects.