New libraries for microcontrollers Stellaris LM4F and LM3S manufactured by Texas Instruments

New libraries that support microcontrollers Stellaris LM4F Cortex-M4F and Stellaris LM3S Cortex-M3 manufactured by Texas Instruments have been developed.

  • Library LM3S89xx support microcontrollers: LM3S8930, LM3S8933, LM3S8938, LM3S8962, LM3S8970, LM3S8971
  • Library LM4F23x support microcontrollers: LM4F230E5QR, LM4F230H5QR, LM4F231E5QR, LM4F231H5QR, LM4F232E5QC, LM4F232H5QC, LM4F232H5QD, LM4F232H5BB

The libraries contain start projects that provide direct program loading without compilation for debugging kits Texas Instruments LM4F232 Evaluation Board and LM3S8962 Evaluation Board.

To use the libraries you need to install MexBIOS Development Studio V2.15.3.0 and higher.