New version of MexBIOS Development Studio V2.15

New version ofMexBIOS Development Studio V2.15  - New version of our product can be downloaded for free evaluation and commercial use. The software is supported by new version of Processor libraries (versions 1.1) for MCU TMS320F280x, TMS320F281x, TMS320F2803x and TMS320F2833x.

Alterations in MexBIOS Development Studio:

  • Blocks IN, OUT, CONST are moved from libraries to the environment and are now built-in blocks (they are added automatically to each library);
  • A built-in block VAR for dealing with variables including for the StateFlow algorithms arrangement is added;
  • Button Simulation Setting is renamed as Project Settings. In this form the parameter System Frequency is renamed as Main ISR Frequency, as well as an ability to import  variables from start project by means of the project binding to map-file that is generated automatically by the compiler for start project is added;
  • When updating to MexBIOS Development Studio V2.15 you need to install libraries V1.1.

Alterations in Block Builder:

  • Parameters in Library Options window are changed. New interface for the library options setting is developed. Now it is enough only to select specified processor from the line, to select the program and data memory sectors and to compile the library.

Alterations in Libraries V1.1:

  • In blocks RD_MEM and WR_MEM there are two new properties: Offset and Variable;
  • Following new blocks are added to all libraries: _8BIT_TO_BYTE, BYTE_TO_8BIT, A_MUX2, A_MUX4 (that is renamed A_MULTIPLEXER).