MexBIOS Development Studio: Palette, Inspector, Watch Window, Project Manager



Palette consists from sections in form of the bookmarks and the block groups as shown in fig. 1.

Fig. 1. Palette

The palette contains all blocks for the processor.




The Inspector window is intended for displaying and editing the block properties. To display and edit the properties the block should be selected.


Fig. 2. Inspector window

There are two properties groups: Design and Run-Time. The group Design contains settings of the block face and version, link to the block documentation and ability to place an image on the block.


The properties group Design

To the group the block face settings are related.

Fig. 3. The block parameters


This property replaces the block face with selected image. The image should be copied to folder Images in the MexBIOS™ Development Studio directory.


The property attaches any file to the block. The selected file should be copied to folder Help in the MexBIOS™ Development Studio directory.

Run-Time group

The group contains internal block properties. To the internal block properties are related, for example, the regulator coefficients, the motor parameters etc. 




The window is intended for displaying the block parameters during the simulation and emulation in real-time mode.

Fig. 4. Watch Window


Adding components to Watch Window

  • Into Watch Window only block parameters, and only the parameters, available in global data buffer (type Variable).
  • Select the blocks.
  • Press [F4] key or right-click one of the selected blocks to activate the pop-up menu and choose Add To Watch.

Fig. 5. Adding to Watch Window from contextual menu


Deleting components of Watch Window

  • Pressing Delete key removes the selected components of Watch Window.
  • Pressing button with icon  clears Watch Window.


Saving parameters settings

  • Pressing  saves the values of Watch Window components in the corresponding block parameters. So the tuning coefficients of the regulators will be saved to the block parameters.


Changing the sequence of Watch Window components

  • By pressing buttons  the selected component moves up and down in the list of Watch Window components.


Changing value of Watch Window component

  • Changing values of Watch Window components before starting the active mode (of simulation/emulation) does not really cause changes of the parameter settings. 


Monitor handling

In the MexBIOS™ kernel there is an ability to view graphically the value changes of global variables. To trace the changes of value in any address of global data, the MexBIOS kernel with specified frequency saves data in the address into an array. This array is referred to as Monitor Channel. At the same time MexBIOS™ kernel can monitor up to 6 channels. MexBIOS™ Development Studio outputs channels in form of graphs.


  • Function of the Monitor channels
  • In column Ch of the Watch Window opposite to the address that is to be viewed in Monitor double-click the cell to activate a drop-down list.
  • In opened list choose the channel number, in which the specified address will be viewed.

Fig. 6. Choosing first channel in forth address


Creating and activating Monitor window

To view the channels a Monitor window should be created.

  1. In monitor options panel click the button with icon , thereafter a new component appears in the available window list – it is created Monitor window.
  2. To activate the Monitor window double-click the corresponding component in the list.
  3. After closing the Monitor window it can be re-activate by double-clicking it.
  4. Number of created windows is unlimited.

Fig. 7. Creating and activating the Monitor window

Fig. 8. Creating and activating the Monitor window


  • Deleting window

Pressing the button with icon  removes the Monitor window selected in the list.


  • Renaming window

Pressing the button with icon  activates editor for renaming the component in the available window list.


  • Channel settings
X axis scale – sets time interval in milliseconds between neighboring data samples from global array. Actually it is time interval between two following points in the channel.
Points on monitors – number of points in the channel. 
NOTE: Change of settings is applied to all the channels.
Total time of the channel filling (between first and last points) can be calculated from parameters of the channel settings: Т = X axis scale * Points on monitors.

Fig. 9. Channel settings


Beams tuning panel in Monitor window
  1. Setting tick Collect data collects all incoming data to the Monitor.
  2. Button RUN/STOP starts and stops Monitor refreshing (it does not influence the channels refreshing).
  3. In drop-down list the dimension of horizontal (time) axis in milliseconds or in sampling periods can be defined: msec, samples.
  4. Button SAVE allows to save a data array displayed in Monitor, when STOP button is pressed.
  5. Button Clear clears the plots from the Monitor window.
  6. Setting tick Show zero allows to view the whole graph at steady-state value. 
  7. Ticks Сh1…Ch6 switch on/off beams of the Monitor corresponding to the channels.
  8. In drop-down list corresponding to channels Сh1…Ch6 the color of the corresponding beam is chosen.
  9. The beam settings will be available, only if it is added to Watch Window, and the address is assigned to corresponding channel.

Fig. 10. Monitor window



Project Manager is intended for navigation in the project. All subsystems and created layers are displayed in the Project Manager.
Fig. 11. Project Manager