Configuration licensing system of the MexBIOS Kernel operational environment

MexBIOS Development Studio environment is protected by licensing system based on hardware keys HASP. HASP (Hardware Against Software Piracy) is a multiplatform hardware-software system of program and data protection against illegal use and unauthorized spreading.

For the environment to operate in full-scale mode you need to insert an electronic key HASP into USB-port of the computer. At first insertion of the key the operation system may demand to install the driver. For operation systems Windows XP/ Windows Vista/ Windows 7 the key driver is located in subdirectory of the environment: ..\NPF Mechatronica-Pro\MexBIOS Development Studio\HASP.

Demo mode

Without inserting the HASP key the environment operates in demo mode that has the following features:

  1. Editing and development of software and configurations of operational environment, creation and saving of new libraries and blocks, modification of ones already in existence, import and export of parts of circuits or  individual blocks.
  2. Simulation mode for testing the developed software.
  3. Emulation mode for developing, loading and debugging the software in microcontroller. 

NOTE: Running time of the environment kernel (task handling system) MexBIOS Kernel in microcontroller is limited by two hours time. If the running time exceeds the limit, the kernel stops to call and handle the tasks. To get unlimited operation time you need to use the license mode and to insert the HASP key into USB-port of the computer.

Fig. 1. Face of Home panel in demo mode: HASP button is disabled

License mode

License mode removes all time limitations for the kernel operation in microcontroller. To enable the License mode you need to:

  1. Insert a HASP hardware key into USB-port of the computer.
  2. Restart MexBIOS Development Studio.
  3. Enable the License mode by clicking the HASP button on Home panel. After enabling the License system the HASP button is highlighted (see fig. 2).

Fig. 2. Face of Home panel in License mode: HASP button is enabled

The License mode checks the number of software loadings into microcontroller. Number of available software loadings into microcontroller is defined by license agreement and is stored in the key.  After finishing the software loading into microcontroller the number of available software loadings is decreased by one. Purchasing the key you accept the conditions of license agreement.

After ending the number of license loadings of the software the environment goes to the development demo mode automatically. To continue the operation in license mode you need to update the license.