Loading start project and block library by means of Code Composer Studio 5.х and emulator XDS100v1, v2

Further the loading start project and block library by means of Code Composer v 5.4 and emulator XDS100v1 or XDS100v2 will be shown. 


Note: According to the following guide you can load the start project and the library by means of Code Composer v4.xx, emulator XDS100 v1 or v2. To do so you need to select corresponding emulator in configuration, rest of procedure is the same as described below.


The loading is described for processor TMS320F28335.


1. Start CCS.

2. You need to create a configuration file with necessary settings of emulator and selected processor:

     2.1. To open the configuration dialog box you need to select View→Target Configurations (please see the following figure)

    2.2. Click button to add configuration (please see the following figure)

    2.3. Give name to the configuration file (please see the following figure)

      2.4. In the dialog box of configuration TMS320F28355.ccxml you need to select the connecting method Texas Instruments XDS100v1 USB Emulator or Texas Instruments XDS100v2 USB Emulator. In list Board or Device type name of processor. Click button Save.


3. In window Target Configurations right-click the configuration file and select Launch Selected Configuration.

    3.1. If dialog box Debug is not opened, it can be opened:

4. In dialog box Debug right-click the emulator and select item Connect Target in drop-down menu.

If emulator is connected to the board and the board is powered-up, then it will be connected to the board. In the following figure the change of dialog box Debug is shown, when the connection is established.

5. Open dialog box On-Chip Flash.

6. In the dialog box On-Chip Flash the following settings should be done:

     6.1. Set Clock Configuration as it is recommended in description of start project. For TMS320F2833x the following settings shown in the next figure are recommended:

    6.2. To load start project you need to set ticked sectors A and B (for library TMS320F2833x, for other libraries can be other settings). Be sure to click button Remember My Settings.

7. Click button Load or select command Load Program…

8. In dialog box you need to select out file of start project

Note. For library of 2833х processors the loading .out file of start project is located on path: 

…\MexBIOS Development Studio\Extend\TMS320F2833x\MBS_start\build\MBS_start.out
The start project folder can be opened trough dialog box Parameters in MexBIOS™ Development Studio:

Opening folder with Out files of start project for copying the location path

9. Click button OK. The start project will be loaded into sectors A and B.
10. To load the block library you need to change the settings On-Chip Flash.
       10.1. Change the loading sectors, as it is shown in the following figure. Be sure to click button Remember My Settings.

11. Click button Load
       11.1. Select out files of the block library:

Note. The loading .out file of block library is located on path:
…\MexBIOS Development Studio\Extend\TMS320F2833x\TMS320F2833x.out
The project library folder can be opened through window Parameters in MexBIOS Development Studio:

Opening folder with Out files of the library for copying location path
12. In window Load Program click button OK. The block library is loaded into memory of microcontroller.
13. Then you can click button Resume in dialog box Debug and connect to the board in window of MexBIOS Development Studio.


14. Also you can click Terminate. Power-off the board, emulator. Close CCS.

MexBIOS kernel and block library have been programmed. Hardware is ready for joint operation with MexBIOS Development Studio