Loading by means of C2Prog and emulator XDS100v1,v2

To load the software into flash-memory of microcontroller you can use free utility C2Prog, which supports emulators XDS100 v1, v2. In this article loading of start project and block library for MexBIOS™ Development Studio is described.


Loading is able only by means of emulator XDS100 v1, v2.

1. Download and install C2Prog from webpage of manufacturer. (http://www.codeskin.com/programmer).

2. Set the program calling for loading. 

        2.1. Go to inlay Edit in MexBIOS™ Development Studio.

        2.2. Click the drop-down menu of button Program.

Starting C2Prog
        2.3. Click item CodeSkin Chip Programmer.
        2.4. In the dialog box click button Select. The dialog box of setting will be closed.
3. Click button Programm.
4. Dialog box C2Prog will open. The dialog box for first start is shown in the following figure:

Dialog box C2Prog for first start
If the dialog box C2Prog has not been opened, make sure that the utility has been installed.
5. Click button Select File… In appeared dialog box you need to select generated .hex file. Then click Open.
Note. For library of 2833х processors the loading .hex file of start project is located on path: 
…\MexBIOS Development Studio\Extend\TMS320F2833x\MBS_start\build
Start project folder can be opened through Options dialog box in MexBIOS Development Studio:

Opening folder with Out files of start project
6. After selecting .hex file of start project the main menu C2Prog will be changed:


Intermediate view of dialog box C2Prog
7. Next you need to select processor 28235,335 in list Target.

8. Thereafter you need to select 30MHz-JTAG in list Options
9. You need to select also in Configure Ports… the COM port, to which JTAG emulator XDS100 is connected. See next figure.
        9.1. If port does not appear – click button Scan Ports.
Note: The programming can not be carried out also in case, if both emulator and mini USB are connected to the board. In case of programming failure you need to disconnect mini USB, to reset the power in the board and the emulator. Then power up and try to program again.

10. Close the dialog box of the port settings.
11. Click button Program. The programming process is starting:

12. After successful programming the start project you need to click button Select File… to program the block library. In the dialog box you need to select generated .hex file of block library.
Note. The loading .hex file of block library is located on path: 
…\MexBIOS Development Studio\Extend\TMS320F2833x\TMS320F2833x.hex
The block library folder can be opened through Options dialog box in MexBIOS Development Studio:

Opening folder with Out files of library in MexBIOS Development Studio
13. Click button Program.


Start project and block library are loaded into memory of microcontroller. The device is ready to work with MexBIOS Development Studio. You need to reset power of the board, to disconnect the emulator and connect Mini-Usb cable to the board. 
MexBIOS kernel has been programmed. Hardware is ready for joint operation with MexBIOS Development Studio.