Loading projects of MexBIOS Development Studio in TMS320F2833x by means of SAU510-USB JTAG

Software for specialized digital signal processors of С2000 line is developed in special debugging kits. To load the software into the microcontroller memory certain special tools should be used. One of such tools is JTAG emulator SAU510-USB ISO PLUS JTAG Emulator.

Developers’s Module MChip176-28335 has been developed by NPF «Mechatronica-Pro». Developers’s Module MChip176-28335 is a debugging board with ZIF-panel and a built-in USB-programmer for microcontrollers TMS320F28332, TMS320F28334, TMS320F28335, TMS320F28232, TMS320F28234, TMS320F28235 manufactured by Texas Instruments.

Embedded software environment MexBIOS™ Development Studio for programming microcontrollers is granted jointly with board MChip176-28335.
Further the loading process of the software MexBIOS™ Development Studio by means of  SAU510-USB ISO PLUS JTAG Emulator and software environment Code Composer 3.3 is described.

1. For the loading you need to: install: drivers to SAU510-USB, software environment Code Composer Studio 3.3, F28xx On-Chip Flash Programmer.
2. Add processor F28335 to Code Compose Studio Setup.
2.1.    Find F28335 SAU510USB Iso Plus Emulator.
2.2.    Click button Add.
2.3.    Click button Save & Quit.
2.4.    In the appeared request window click Yes.

3. CCStudio: Parallel Debug Manager will be executed.
3.1.    Select F28335 SAU510, click it by right mouse button and select Connect Device.
3.2.    Click again by right mouse button and select Open.

4.  Then Code Composer Studio 3.3 window appears.
5. Further you need to open the start project for processor TMS320F2833x that is delivered jointly with the TMS320F2833x block library.
5.1.    Select in menu Project→Open.
5.2.    Indicate path to start project:

… \NPF Mechatronica-Pro\MexBIOS Development Studio\Extend\TMS320F2833x\MBS_start

5.3.    Select project file MBS_start.pjt. Click button Open. The tart project will be opened. For processor F28335 you should not modify anything. The project is ready for loading into flash memory.

Loading into flash memory

6. Select in menu Tools → F28xx On-Chip Flash Programmer. In the window that will appear you need to input the following settings:

Click Ok.
7. For loading of the start project two sectors A and В should be ticked:

8. Click Execute Operation.
9. After successful loading in the On-Chip Flash Programmer window you should click button Browse and select TMS320F2833x.out, that is located on default:

… \NPF Mechatronica-Pro\MexBIOS Development Studio\Extend\TMS320F2833x

10. Un-tick sectors A and B. Tick all other sectors:

11. Click Execute Operation.
12. After successful loading the power from the microcontroller can be switched off. Disconnect emulator SAU510-USB.
13. Connect USB cable to MChip176-28335 board. Start MexBIOS Development Studio, set the connection port, click Connect. After successful connection establishing the assembled block circuit can be loaded into the microcontroller.

Emulator SAU510USB Iso Plus Emulator can also be used jointly with other debugging boards manufactured by NPF «Mechatronica-Pro», such as MChip80-28035, Cross-2833x, mZdsp 2812.